Stay fly entertainment is a independent record lable, how did i get started was i was a underground rapper then i said to my self let me do this by my self then i thought to my self what would be a good name to start with then i thought i always stay fly in my gear an when im rapping an also producing music so that how i got my name, who i work with{stage name} duni diezel{stage name} Blast aka ron da don {stage name}We working from the ground up but we still got crystal clear my business different from others? we about money we dont take break we will take a break when we hit a million or sit back when we big until then!!!when we working it for hours not at might not get home to 8 the next moring it a slow progress we wrkin on it!! My name hennessey
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trying to get my music out the best way as possible, if you no anybody in the music industry and you put me on im will break with you take my {E-MAIL}
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